You would think with all the violence against women, that there would be bands of women stocking alleys for lone men to kill. Or maybe, single women, killing men on secluded mountain paths.

The truth is that women– who create men– are then made to fear the brutal force of their own creation. And although violence lives in the deepest part of us, we don’t seem to go out there and force as men do and act out our violent fantasies. Few women kill– and when we do, it is in self defense or we kill ourselves rather than others. Of course, I am talking about 1981 in the United States.

Women led battles screen and generals in other time periods, in other countries. This is not information that has been carefully passed down through the ages.

When I think of violence, I am reminded of the personal violence I have experienced on the streets or in my home as a child. Because of this, when I see an album cover with a woman in chains and a man standing over her I feel noxious from fear. And my arms hurt from the chains, and I wish I didn’t feel these things. No, I wish I could’ve passed by without feeling, as I see many other people doing. Even when I can make myself believe it is only an act, I worry about the woman being able to get away. To my mind, she is a prisoner as long as the album cover is around.

Yet it is hard for me to imagine myself hurting, a man physically, even when they have really hurt me. I guess it is because I have always had time to consider the fact that at one time. They were helpless babies in a woman’s arms, and that they are our creation… Not like other forms of nature, like animals or plants, but actually from our bodies… Lifeblood from our wombs they come.

Which reminds me of tid-bits of information I have collected on this journey through life. In ancient India when the goddess Kali was worshiped, part of the ritual included women offering their blood, such as menses and afterbirth to the goddess. Since men didn’t bleed, they were excluded. This span of time isn’t known to me, but later– men were allowed to sacrifice themselves. The volunteers were selected by other men, and only a handsome young fellow’s were chosen to die for Kali. Sort of like the all volunteer army? Once chosen, the lad was cut up under the image of the goddess until she floated in blood. This practice has been altered by using animals and is still practice in the temple of Kali in Calcutta today.

This brings me to connecting Mary the virgin goddess of Catholics, with Kali. Kali excepted the the blood of women as a form of worship. Then time rolls on, and to date a part of patriarchy has created a virgin who doesn’t bleed. Do men have a built-in memory of the past when they are born? Like (//////) who know North from South and how to use stars for direction without having been taught– do men remember this anger at not being able to bleed?

Because we believe, we don’t need to see if anyone else does– it isn’t as exciting as men seem to find it. Blood is so much a part of our lives that we don’t have to make anyone bleed, like many male authors to: “… he lay dying in a pool of blood… they cut off his arm and blood gushed forth… ” wow, they can bleed! But they have to make the blood come.

Why do men hurt women? Because we bleed, and they’re jealous? Because we are usually smaller? Maybe that’s it! We bleed and we are smaller.

Okay, so nonviolence doesn’t sell. It isn’t sensational enough. Like I said, the patriarchy lays out great bucks for murder, violent promo for the creations over human life. Nonviolence is not exciting, not adventurous not sexy. The fact is, it takes people with guts to put themselves in the way of the law and get arrested for what they believe in. It takes brave people to chain themselves to buildings or break into recruiting offices and destroy records. It is an act of sheer courage to sabotage trucks carrying weapons. By lying in the road, using your own body to stop them. One man had his leg severed when he joined a group of protesters while trying to stop a train filled with weapons.

Millions, even billions, of dollars are spent by all governments on violence in the form of military, and not one penny on nonviolence. Nonviolence is not valuable to dictate your key. Here we have all these well disciplined people in the military service and all they do is stand by ready to kill. Why aren’t we sending them to help farmers in poor countries where people women and children in Africa, for instance, are starving. Or use those fancy assed planes to drop medicine and other important supplies to people who are in desperate need, instead of destroying people with bombs. Just think of it– selling peace instead of weapons. Men could satisfy their need to make blood come by giving blood to blood banks.

Nonviolence. Do we have a choice?