molly born in surprise missouri in 1897
died in pioneer california in 1995

you look peaceful

sunken in your flowered pillow

waiting with a smile


unlike the strokes of a pen you once used

to write everyday

in your journal with

left you suspended between this world and the next

you never wanted to be a burden

but you never knew

because to you trains raced across vast prairies

grizzlies bang on cabin walls

the young man on horse back will marry you

men walked all over the moon and you didn’t care

the important thing was

the only child who didn’t crawl before she walked was

my mother

did you stay so long because we

in our selfish love

could not bare to let you go?

Mary’s Stories

These stories are derived from a taped interview with Paul Thompson.
She had eight children. The oldest, Ruth died.
Her children are Hazel, Dorothy, Helen, Ruby, Paul, Nancy and Georgielee.